IVC Brunel Healthcare

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A bespoke handling solution for the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of nutritional supplements.

The Problem

Derbyshire-based IVC Brunel Healthcare is a leading manufacturer and supplier of nutritional supplements.
Since the implementation of a new soft gel plant, IVC Brunel has used manual techniques to move heavy heated tanks around the plant. The lids of the tanks had to be removed by Brunel IVC to clean and fill them. This caused issues with the movement of the tanks and equipment repairs. It also highlighted a safety risk to IVC Brunel staff and buildings.

Following an introduction to IVC Brunel Healthcare by Unicarriers, Robur was appointed to design and build a bespoke handling solution, which would be fully fit for purpose in a hazardous manufacturing environment.

Aims & Objectives

After a customer consultation with IVC Brunel, Robur began the design phase for a machine that would deliver the following materials handling and health and safety objectives:

  • Safely remove the lids of the tanks with one person
  • Ensure tank stability when moving across floors
  • Be comfortable for operator use
  • High reliability for continuous operation

The Robur Solution

Robur designed and manufactured a highly compact Lifter, featuring unique lifting arms to readily remove the tank lids in a safe way.  The machine can move the tanks around the plant easily and safely without the need to remove the lifting arms.

Outcome & Results

The new machine has proven to increase the safety of the movement of the oil tanks around the plant. Staff can now quickly remove the tank lids, reducing the turnaround time and improving efficiencies.


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