Case Study

Working in Partnership with

Robur worked alongside a longstanding customer, Crown Lift Trucks, to help solve a material handling problem at their end-user customer, Bridgnorth Aluminium. Crown provides end-users with a range of material handling solutions to improve productivity, efficiency, and safety.

The Problem

The unloading of containers at Bridgnorth Aluminium with conventional forklift trucks was damaging the floor, with truck wheels often breaking and becoming stuck.

The customer wanted to increase the current truck capacity from 5,000kg to 10,000kg, to meet their businesses expansion plans.

Aims & Objectives

  • Eliminate the floor and truck damage.
  • Accommodate the planned increase in productivity and weight capacity to 10,000kg over the coming year.
  • Help Bridgnorth Aluminium achieve a 24/7 operation.

The Robur Solution

The Robur engineers' designed and built a bespoke powered pallet machine to address the point loading issues, while crucially spreading the weight of the machine and its load over a wider floor area.

The Robur machine was given wide and low forks to manage the movement of specific pallets. To save further damage to the floor area the engineers designed a ramp for the Robur machine to operate on. A spare battery and change over trolley were provided to ensure continued uninterrupted use over 24 hours.

Outcome & Results

The principal aim was to prevent further damage to the floor, which was successfully accomplished with the bespoke truck design.

The introduction of a ramp for Robur machine to move on throughout the handling process, allowed the handling to be relocated inside to where the new machine loads containers on to the trailers.

A new loading bay accommodates the bespoke ramp which to allows for a faster and safer material handling process.

Loading weight capacity for Bridgenorth Aluminium has doubled from 5,00kg to 10,000kg without the need to change their existing pallet design.

Bridgnorth Aluminium commented:

Following an expansion in the scope of our business, Robur were able to provide the solution to a new handling problem. We now have a requirement to unload 10,000kg on an existing design of pallet. Our previous capacity was 5,000kg.

Of the suppliers approached, Robur designed a pallet truck with a profile that would work with our existing pallet stock. This truck along with the loading ramp has given us options to stuff and de stuff containers that had not previously existed.

We are now building a bespoke containerisation area, ensuring we can meet new customer demands. The unit was delivered on time and Robur’s level of service and communication were exemplary.

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