Bespoke handling equipment

The Robur range consists of pallet and forklift trucks, powered and counterbalanced stackers, work positioners and reel handlers and now introducing our range of towed vehicles and automated guided vehicles (AGVs), through our exclusive partnership with DTA.

From enquiry to delivery, Robur are here to tackle your challenges

Enquiry Received

We receive your initial enquiry, through our trade contacts or from you

Initial Consultation

We hold a number of consultation sessions, with you and with our factory until a brief is agreed

Manufacture Begins

We begin the manufacture process and start crafting your bespoke pedestrian truck

Worldwide Delivery

Once completed, we deliver your truck, wherever in the world you are

Ongoing UK Support

Our expert team of engineers are here to support you in the UK, or one our global partners

A name you can trust with health & safety at our heart

We have been delivering our tailor-made solutions to customers worldwide for over 65 years, and service a wide number of industries. The company name, Robur, is Latin for oak and represents our core product values: strength and reliability.


Robur understands that health & safety is a main priority for many businesses, which is why we champion best practice with all our clients. Every bespoke application we manufacture for is built to the highest safety standards, as well as being expertly engineered to solve the problem at hand.

Exclusive dealer partnerships with transparent pricing

When dealers approach us for a quote with a customer, we treat it the utmost confidence. Our reputation is our biggest strength and we regard these values of transparency and integrity as vital to our business. 


Perfect for end users with bespoke requirements

When end users approach us with a problem, we apply our full resource to solve it. Our innovative Research & Development program means we are constantly looking ahead to solve the challenges of the future.