About Us

Our history

Established over 40 years ago, Robur, as the business was previously known, was created to meet the growing demand for bespoke materials handling solutions.

Customer requirements were becoming increasingly specialist, which has meant that since then we have grown to become one of the largest suppliers of bespoke materials handling equipment to UK dealers, their end-users as well as directly to the end customer.

Our technical and engineering capabilities have allowed us to grow our dealer network to what it is today.

K9 SOB XT HD 80, 8000kg Aircraft slave pallet mover for use with cargo service / logistics.
K9 SOB XT HD 80, 8000kg Aircraft slave pallet mover for use with cargo service / logistics.

Roburtrucks is renowned for delivering better business safety, productivity and efficiency through the design and manufacture of bespoke electric material handling equipment.

We also design and build bespoke pedestrian pallet & forklift trucks, powered & counterbalanced stackers, work positioners & reel handlers for our customers.

Roburtrucks have total control over the manufacturing process, and with decades of experience in engineering and design, our focus on research and development enables Roburtrucks to continually innovate solutions to customer challenges.

Our Process

Our business process provides customers with an end-to-end solution to their material handling needs. Roburtrucks brings a trusted, consultative approach to business relationships that’s also responsive and adaptable so we deliver a fully bespoke solution.

Stage 1

New customer enquiry and rules of engagement agreed

Stage 2

Specification, requirements and objectives discussed with the customer and a draft outline agreed

Stage 3

Site survey to validate the application, environment and operational processes

Stage 4

Quotation produced within 3 working days. Highly complex solutions may take longer

Stage 5

Review of proposed solution within the customer

Stage 6

Amendment of Roburtrucks solutions and quotation if necessary

Stage 7

Approval of customer quotation and site survey

Stage 8

Process of final order and confirmation of estimated delivery date

Stage 9

Build update provided to the customer during manufacture

Stage 10

Pre-delivery inspection (PDI) completed

Stage 11

Delivery or collection arranged

Stage 12

Follow up with the customer to ensure customer satisfaction


Following your initial enquiry either directly or through our Dealer network, we hold consultation sessions and aim to complete a full site survey with you then a production brief is agreed.


Your unique unit goes into manufacture at our dedicated factory and we provide updates on its progress.


Every unit undergoes a full Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) at our head office before being delivered to a customer located anywhere in the UK.

Support and Warranty

Our expert team of engineers provide ongoing technical support and customer assistance.

Roburtrucks offers parts and labour warranty on all machines during the first 12 months or the first 1000 hours, whichever is sooner.

Over 90% of parts are available the next day from our UK parts centre. While Roburtrucks can provide ongoing support, the majority of our customers choose to include this under their fleet arrangement via their incumbent provider.

K9 SBM XT HD, 6000kg reel handler with profiled forks for 2500mm diameter coil reels.
K9 SBM XT HD, 6000kg reel handler with profiled forks for 2500mm diameter coil reels.